Choosing a Modular Sound Option for your 4x4 Exhaust

Which sound option should I choose Muffler, Resonator or Delete Pipe

A common question when deciding on a 4x4 performance exhaust system for your vehicle is "what sound option should I choose?"

With car manufacturers now restricted by emissions laws, the introduction of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) has certainly impacted the sound levels you can achieve from a modern vehicle. But with a good aftermarket exhaust like Redback, you can improve performance over a standard system while also getting a good note out the back.

Redback offers three stainless steel sound options for most of our exhaust range:

The Muffler Exhaust Sound Option

muffler is going to give you the quietest system and will be similar to the factory sound while still giving you performance gains over a standard exhaust. If you plan on towing long-distance or being under load a fair bit then this might be your best option.

The Resonator Exhaust Sound Option Redback

resonator is an intermediate option and excellent for giving a tough note but still being subtle about it. A safe choice for most vehicles.

Delete Pipe or Straight Through Exhaust Sound Option Redback

delete pipe will be the loudest option on offer. It is simply a 'straight-through pipe' in place of the muffler or resonator. If you like to drive with your window down so you can hear that sweet note, this one is for you! 

If you are worried about performance differences between the three models, all are considered 'straight-through pipe' with the resonator and muffler having fibreglass packing around the inner tube which does not hinder airflow.

There are a lot of variables to consider and how your vehicle is set up could determine your decision. But everyone has their preference and tolerance to sound levels.

While it is important to identify your sound preference before you purchase an exhaust, you can change your mind down the track as Redback Exhausts feature a modular design giving you the ability to swap the sound options easily.

You can simply purchase a delete pipe, a resonator or a muffler and swap that section in place of what you already have.

Whether your vehicle can be fitted with a turbo-back or DPF-back system, a Redback 4x4 Exhaust may be a simple DIY modification giving you improved performance over your standard exhaust system.

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