Will Modifying My Vehicles Exhaust System Void The Warranty?

Modifying a vehicle does not automatically void a manufacturers warranty. This is confirmed by the ACCC under Australian Consumer Law. Read on to better understand the facts around vehicle modification and how they impact warranties. 

What are Vehicle Modifications?

Modifications include items that change a vehicle from factory standard. These items are often used to improve vehicle performance (eg Exhaust, Suspension, Throttle Controllers), personalise vehicles (eg Wheels, Tinting), or to improve functionality (eg Mud Tyres, Towbars, Bullbars, Snorkels).

Redback Exhaust system on 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser

Vehicle Modifications and New Car Warranty

Consider the facts

Fear of voiding the manufacturers warranty on the vehicle may prompt consumers to purchase dealership ‘preferred’ accessories, despite the fact that in many cases this product could be identical to an aftermarket supplier branded product, or that the aftermarket product may be superior quality.

Car manufacturers are required to fix manufacturing faults on vehicles during the warranty period, and the fitment of quality accessories and vehicle upgrades does not affect this obligation unless the modification caused the fault.


A vehicles ANCAP rating once it has left the dealership cannot be affected at all by modifications as an ANCAP rating only applies to a vehicle at the time of original purchase from the car manufacturer, therefore modifications can neither reduce or increase an ANCAP safety rating.

Any advice given to customers regarding modifications affecting an ANCAP safety rating is unfounded, as ANCAP is not in a position to make specific assessments on the impact of aftermarket modifications.


Its important to note that a new car warranty covers you against any inbuilt defects the car may have. It does not cover against failure of accessories that have been fitted by an aftermarket supplier, such as audio equipment, sports wheels, towbars or the like- the warranty on these products is supplied by the manufacturer or fitter. Workshops must ensure that any vehicle modification is done in a way that conforms to Australian standards, local road rules or the manufacturers specifications.



Will vehicle modifications affect my vehicle warranty?

A car fitted with a fit for purpose part will not void a warranty. Should a problem result in the vehicle as a result of the modification, the problem will be covered under the part manufacturer or fitters warranty.

Will a vehicle modification affect my insurance?

Its recommended you advise your insurer of any modification made to your vehicle.

Are aftermarket parts of the same standard as car manufacturers parts?

Many products manufactured and sold in Australia are required to meet appropriate Australian Design Rules or Australian Standards. If you are concerned, request information on compliance to relevant standards from the supplier or manufacturer. It is also interesting to note that Australian parts manufacturers often supply products directly to car manufacturers which are then on sold to consumers as genuine OEM parts.


Redbacks Warranty

Redback 4x4 offers our customers peace of mind with the assurance of our commitment to providing superior quality products backed up by exceptional customer service.

Each Redback 4x4 Exhausts product carries a 5-year warranty. An extended 10-year warranty is available for all Redback Extreme Duty Exhaust purchases made online via this website or from an Authorised Redback 4x4 Dealer. You are also eligible for an extended 10-year warranty if you register your Redback Extreme Duty Exhaust purchase using our online Warranty Registration Form. 

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