Exhausted by Redback

Don't just look exhausted, smell exhausted 💨

Introducing Exhausted, the new Eau De Carfum from Redback.

Our team of scent technicians scoured the world's exhaust factories, muffler shops, and wrecking yards to capture the undeniable essence of Redback Exhausts.

Redback Exhausted Perfume Cologne

Our new scent is sure to turn heads, with smouldering metallic top notes enhanced with loud sooty after-tones.

I wore Exhausted to parmy night at the pub and everyone kept asking me what that smell was. Little did they know it was me, wearing the scent of my sweet, sweet ride.

Redback... the new and true experts in the field of vehicular fragrance.

Preorders today only, April 1st 2023!

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