Say G'day to Redback's new Brand Ambassador - Josh Leonard

Meet Josh

Josh Leonard Redback Brand Ambassador

We are proud to announce that avid adventurer Josh Leonard will be jumping on board as Redback Brand Ambassador!

Josh is no stranger to the Aussie outback, heading off on adventures for more than 8 months of the year travelling to some of Australia's most remote and picturesque locations. Josh will never pass a local pub without doing the right thing, sampling the local brews and having a chin wag with the locals - the quintessential outback gentleman.

Not only a keen outdoorsman, Josh also has a solid background in automotive journalism and photography, having written for some of the biggest off-road publications in Australia. 

Nothing makes me happier than jumping behind the wheel, tackling the tough stuff and sharing the journey. 

The Setup

The rig of choice for Josh is a Ford Ranger PX2 dual cab, ready for anything with a custom slide on canopy, rooftop tent, lift kit, rugged tyres, solar panel and *checks notes* coffee machine with grinder! Who says you can't hit the outback and enjoy the finer things in life?

Ford Ranger with Redback Exhaust on sand dunes

Josh has switched out his stock exhaust system for a Redback Extreme Duty 4x4 Exhaust system, setup with a straight through pipe instead of a resonator or muffler, and no cat. This is a recipe for an absolutely BURLY sounding exhaust, made even better without a DPF (a benefit of those older 4WD's). You can see the exact kit here.

Redback exhaust box in workshop

The partnership with Redback has been in the works for a while now and it’s great to finally be able to lift the lid on it. I’m stoked to be working with Australia’s most trusted exhaust company, the only exhaust I trust to run on the Ranger. 

You can follow Josh and his gnarly exploits on Instagram @joshleonard123 as he puts his Redback Exhaust through its paces in some of Australia’s toughest and most inhospitable environments! 

Josh Leonard Ford Ranger Dirty with Redback Exhaust

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 Interested in becoming a Redback Brand Ambassador yourself? Drop an email to and tell us about yourself, your rig, and why you think you would make a good member of the Redback family